Pre-Conference Seminars (additional fee) – click for details

November 2, 2017    10:00 AM  -  11:30 AM

Want to learn even more? We are offering six additional topics before the conference begins with some of our very best presenters! The conference officially begins at 1:30 p.m., so you will have time to attend these and get lunch before the first main session.

You can attend one of these seminars for a modest $19.00. Click the title for a description of each seminar.

Ken Canfield - Understanding the H.E.A.R.T. of Grandparenting (A114)

Building on a biblical foundation and integrating current research, Ken Canfield identifies five pillars which describe the unique and powerful relationship which grandparents have with their grandchildren.  They include: establishing a Heritage, being an Example, expressing Affection and blessing in an unconditional grandparent way, becoming a generational Reconciler, and Teaching truth through narrative, life experience and story.  These pillars comprise the HEART of grandparenting and this session will equip participants with tools and strategies to apply these elements to their grandparenting.

Hal Habecker - Rethinking Retirement: How to Make the Most of Your Grandparenting Years (W220-222)

In this session we will aim to help you develop a vision for what God calls you to be and to pursue during your retirement years. What shapes our convictions of how we view our retirement years? How much does culture shape our views? How much do the Scriptures shape our views? How much does our Christian community shape our views? Let’s refine and refocus our vision of all that God calls us to be “for such a time as this.”

Josh Mulvihill - The Biblical Role of Grandparents (Chapel)

What is the biblical role of a grandparent? Can you summarize this in a sentence or even a word? Every grandparent is given a God-ordained role that is not interchangeable with any other member of the family. Come to this seminar to gain a laser-like focus on what a grandparent’s role is—according to the Bible. The content of this seminar is based on the book Biblical Grandparenting. If you are not a grandparent, this seminar will prove valuable as it will equip you to provide a clear and compelling vision to share with grandparents in your context.

Sherry Schumann and Lillian Penner - Standing in the Gap with Prayer (W100-102)

One of the most important things that grandparents can do for their children is to pray for them on a regular basis. Are you concerned about the moral, political and relational condition of the world in which your grandchildren are being raised? It’s time for to exercise the power of prayer. Join Lillian Penner and Sherry Schumann to discover creative ideas for making your prayer life more meaningful. From cell phones to photo prayer journals, prayers based on Scripture and alphabet prayers, you’ll find tools that work for you and benefit your grandchildren.

Ron Deal - Grandparenting and the Blended Family: Blending, Bonding, & Healing the Generations (W300)

An adult child’s remarriage, a stepparent who becomes a grandparent, and an empty nest wedding that gives birth to an adult stepfamily all result in multi-generational blended families. Nearly 40% of US families have a step-grandparent, but what is their role? How do you solidify a new marriage without alienating adult children? What if your former son or daughter-in-law cuts you out of your grandchildren’s life? How do you respect the different homes to which your grandchildren belong while still offering a spiritual influence? Blending, bonding, and grandparenting is complicated in blended families. Come learn what’s unique about blended families, how to help prepare or repair families, and the role of step-grandparents in three generational stepfamilies.

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