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November 3, 2017    11 AM  -  12:00 PM

LARRY FOWLER - Reaching the Hearts of Your Grandchildren

Want to know how to impact the hearts of your grandkids? It may not be what you think. In this session, Larry will help you understand what the heart is and how you can be most effective in leaving a lasting impression on the hearts of the children you love the most.

KEN CANFIELD - Long Distance Grandparenting: Strategies and Resources to Bridge the Divide

Grandparents can have significant influence in their grandchildren’s lives, whether they live close by or far away, however one study notes that over 65% of grandparents have a grandchild or grandchildren who live over 200 miles from them. This session will examine best practices and strategies that help bridge physical distance using: planned visits, technology, letter writing, vacations, reunions, and packages/gifts to strengthen the grandparent/grandchild relationship. In addition, if prayer and other spiritual exercises are important to grandparents, how can long-distance grandparents develop these disciplines and experience a closeness which grandparents who live close by may not express or practice?

RICHARD AND LEONA BERGSTROM - Are You ‘Called’ to Be a Grandparent?

Upon becoming grandparents, many Christian Boomers assume this new role is now their sole calling and purpose in life. While the relationships are unique, the opportunities profound, and the possibilities extraordinary, does God call us to be a grandparent, or is it one facet of our “Calling” for this season of life? Richard and Leona Bergstrom will explore the role of grandparenting within the larger context of life purpose and calling. Topics will include knowing your life purpose, understanding how your core values shape your grandparenting decisions, and sharing your story with the next generations.

KURT BRUNER - From Seniors Ministry to Intentional Grandparents (Session 2): Best Practices to Create a Culture of Intentional Grandparents (LEADERS)

In this session, Kurt Bruner, co-author with Dr. James Dobson of the Fatherless series explores troubling demographic trends and what they mean for the future of your church, your family and your wallet. The time has come to engage a generation of aging baby boomers in the most important and impactful ministry of their lives. Learn how Lake Pointe Church leverages their current ministry strategies to impact grandparenting, going far beyond seniors ministry by creating a culture of intentional grandparents.

TERESA BELL KINDRED - When Grandparents Aren't Allowed to See Their Grandchildren

Because of a family disagreement, Sara has not seen her granddaughter since October of 2015. Unfortunately, Sara is not alone. No one knows the exact number of grandparents who aren’t allowed to see their grandchildren because most grandparents don’t or can’t fight for visitation rights. What can grandparents who aren’t allowed to see their grandchildren do about their situation? Through her blog,, Teresa has met many grandparents in similar situations. This session shares some of their stories and offers information, help, hope and resources.

TIM SMITH - Fun Things You Can Do With Your Grandkids

Your grandchild’s economy is “fun” – are you investing? In this fast-paced session, dozens of ideas will be presented popcorn-style. You’ll learn about the value of play, how to create intentional (and sometimes unintentional) fun activities that you can do at home, in the car, on a walk, on the phone, or wherever you happen to find yourself with your grandkids. Learn about “Speed Grandparenting” (Strategic, Speedy, Spiritual Shepherding), 5-minute ideas, 10-minute connections, long-distance and digital ideas. Bring some ideas to share yourself!

MARY RICE HOPKINS AND DARCIE MAZE - Making Memories that Last with Your Grandchildren

During this session, you will be given oodles of ideas for effectively using music, object lessons, puppets and even food to teach good character and share the gospel message. You will walk away with a new perspective of teaching along with ideas you can immediately implement with your grandchildren.

DANN SPADER - 4 Stages of Spiritual Growth: Helping Your Grandkids Move to That Next Step (Part 1)

In this two-part seminar, we will look at the four biblical stages of spiritual development, helping you assess at which stage your grand-child may be at, and then how you very practically can help them move to the next step. We will focus on some very practical tools.

MARIE KUCK - Grandparenting Children with Disabilities

No description available.

STEVE AND MEGAN SCHEIBNER - Living on Borrowed Time: 9 Practices of the Proactive Grandparent

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