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November 2, 2017    4 PM  -  5 PM

ROB RIENOW - How to Pray and Read the Bible with Your Grandkids

Some of the most significant moments of impact you will ever have with your grandchildren will be through times of prayer and reading God’s Word with them. In this workshop, Dr. Rienow will equip you with biblical, practical, and funs ways to engage the hearts of your grandchildren and point their hearts to Jesus. These times of “generational worship” will become special memories and leave a powerful legacy for generations to come.

JOHN & JACQUE COULOMBE - Memory Makers: Camp Granny and Papa

Being a grandparent has its joys and responsibilities, one of which is to teach and pass on family values, history, identity, and spiritual life lessons.  But what to do?  This session will give ideas and practical applications for how to plan and carry out “Camp Grammy and Papa,” a unique immersion experience for your grandchildren that will make a world of difference in their lives … and you’ll have a lot of fun doing it!

RON DEAL - Grandparenting and the Blended Family: Blending, Bonding, & Healing the Generations

An adult child’s remarriage, a stepparent who becomes a grandparent, and an empty nest wedding that gives birth to an adult stepfamily all result in multi-generational blended families. Nearly 40% of US families have a step-grandparent, but what is their role? How do you solidify a new marriage without alienating adult children? What if your former son or daughter-in-law cuts you out of your grandchildren’s life? How do you respect the different homes to which your grandchildren belong while still offering a spiritual influence? Blending, bonding, and grandparenting is complicated in blended families. Come learn what’s unique about blended families, how to help prepare or repair families, and the role of step-grandparents in three generational stepfamilies.

TERESA BELL KINDRED - The Agony and the Ecstasy of Raising Your Grandchildren

What do Carol Burnett, Oprah Winfrey and Willie Nelson have in common? They were raised by their grandparents.  According to recent U.S. Census data, 4.9 million American children are being raised solely by their grandparents.  If this number continues to rise, and most believe it will, by 2020 grandparents will be raising approximately 10 million children. Teresa will share inspirational stories of grandparents she met through her blog,, who thought they were finished being parents, but suddenly found themselves raising their grandchildren.  She will also share what they have learned from their experiences, as well as tips on how and where to get help.

KEITH GETTY - The Singing Family: Passing On Faith with Hymns and Spiritual Songs

Keith Getty (co-writer of “In Christ Alone,” “The Power of the Cross,” and many other well-known modern hymns) and his wife Krysten will be sharing their vision for family worship and the importance of strengthening the church and the family with a body of songs that can be sung for life.  Join this important conversation and receive helpful instruction as Keith and Krysten share from their experience and discuss your questions on these topics.

MICHAEL BOSSMAN & JULIE LOOS - Conversations of Consequence: Why Are Grandchildren Leaving the Church and What Can Grandparents Do?

The legacy of faith in your grandchildren’s generation is being severely challenged. Why? How? What can you do? Your relationship with your high school and college-aged grandchild affords you a platform to have conversations of consequence—ones that can help them stand firm in their faith in a world hostile to it. You can be key in stemming the tide of the youth exodus from the church. Join this panel discussion, followed by Q&A, to explore solutions to those challenges. Panelists will include staff members from Ratio Christi, a campus ministry that equips students, faculty, and congregations to give scientific, philosophical, and historical reasons for following Jesus Christ.

KURT BRUNER - From Seniors Ministry to Intentional Grandparents (Session 1): Trends Facing Families and How Grandparents Can Help (LEADERS)

In this session, Kurt Bruner, co-author with Dr. James Dobson of the Fatherless series explores troubling demographic trends and what they mean for the future of your church, your family and your wallet. The time has come to engage a generation of aging baby boomers in the most important and impactful ministry of their lives.  Learn how Lake Pointe Church leverages their current ministry strategies to impact grandparenting, going far beyond seniors ministry by creating a culture of intentional grandparents.

PAT VERBAL - Helping Grandchildren with Disabilities Take the Hand of Jesus

In this session, you’ll learn to see children with special needs as God sees them. These children often have perplexing questions about faith. They need grandparents who can help them find answers in God’s Word and show them how to walk with Jesus to the best of their ability. You’ll also discuss twelve, practical methods of sharing the gospel with special-needs children.

WAYNE RICE - Grandparenting Teenagers

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JIM AND GAIL DEMPSEY - Cooperation Is Key in the Training of Your Grandkids

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