Ministry has been part of John and Jacque Coulombe’s lives as they’ve served together in Southern California for 50 years. John is a graduate of Judson Baptist College, BIOLA University and Talbot School of Theology. They teach and share out of their own life experiences, so now as they have gotten older (not old!) and their married sons have given them eight grandchildren, they have been pastoring ‘experienced adults’ at First EvFree in Fullerton, CA. John’s present title is “interGen” Pastor, focusing on bringing together the generations and ending the segregation, so common in many churches today with specialized ministries.

John has been featured on Focus on the Family, TBN, TLN, and CBN television networks and Christian radio talk shows. Most recently John has been working with the Legacy Coalition.

John and Jacque have 8 grandchildren. They call them Papa & Grammy.