James D. Dempsey (Ph.D. – Early Childhood Education) serves as the Family Pastor at Anderson Mill Baptist Church in Austin. He and wife Gail have three grown daughters and four grandchildren. They lead seminars for the National Center For Biblical Parenting as well as Family Time Training, and provide training for churches around Texas. He writes a character based parenting newsletter for a Houston child care chain, Young Leaders Campuses, and is a regular contributor to several parenting blogs. His first book, Parenting Unchained-Overcoming the Ten Deceptions that Shackle Christian Parents has spawned a radio show called Parenting Unchained heard weekly on AM630, KSLR in San Antonio/Austin, and daily at www.ReaganRadioNetwork.com. Jim and Gail love to help parents avoid the destructive deceptions that permeate our culture. He and Gail love watching movies and eating Mexican food.